Homemade Dog Food Recipes For Senior Dogs

Are you aware that feeding your pup a homemade dog food will give you control over what your dog eats exactly? It also allows you to customize for your picky eater, allergies, sensitive stomachs and medical issues. Making a homemade food also guarantees you that there are no fillers or any unnecessary ingredients in your dog’s bowl. Healthy homemade dog food is easy to make and you will probably be amazed by variety of dog food that you can make! However, there are numerous foods that you should ensure that your canine friend doesn’t eat, and it is also very important to ensure that the homemade dog food is well balanced and provides all types of nutrients that your pet needs. Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn the amazing benefits of homemade dog food recipes for senior dogs.

Recipes for Senior Dogs That Reduce Allergies

Many commercially prepared dog foods contain different types of chemicals, preservatives, additives, and even some elements which can trigger the allergic effects on senior dogs or even cause food intolerance. The animal byproducts and whole grains may be indigestible. But when you make your own homemade dog food, you will only use some of the wholesome and most nutritious ingredients.

Reduce Indigestion and Bloating in Senior Dogs

Are you aware that many older pets experience indigestion, bloating, or diarrhea after consuming some types of the commercially bought dog foods? Holistic veterinarians, says that lots of commercial dog foods are made with different types of fillers that absorb lots of water in your canine friends stomach. This situation causes excessive bloating and eventually discomfort and this condition will definitely take a toll onto your senior pet’s health if not considered.

Supply Fresh and Healthy Ingredients

When you are personally in control of the homemade dog food making process, you will get to choose the freshest and most nutritious ingredients that will boost your dog’s health. Some of the recommended homemade dog food includes: boiled vegetables, cooked brown rice, boiled turkey or chicken and cooked ground beef. There are plenty of different types of homemade pet recipes that you can choose from. In some cases you can store and refrigerate the unused portion of the homemade food for a maximum of three days; this will ensure that your dog is fed with fresh and nutritious food in every serving.

Simple to Prepare

Homemade food is very easy to prepare. But before you make it, you should ensure that you know what type of food would best suit your pet breed. The degree of nutrients that you should offer to your canine friend, decide on its health status, activities and ultimately its appearance. A healthy homemade food will give your senior dog the following health benefits: having a brighter and firmer coat with no or less shredding, healthy gum and teeth, increased life span, less number of the firm stools, increased energy, and less behavioral problems.

Avoid Dog Food Recalls

Are you aware that lots of major pet meals brand do get recalled? This means that you have to be careful when picking a brand, recalls may lead to a regular change of your dog’s diet which is not exactly healthy. Most senior dogs are just fine with a consistent and simple diet and changing the diet and brands will definitely be detrimental to your dog’s health. In addition to that, you will have to deal with some of the daunting side effects of the contaminated food if you only feed your dog with the commercially prepared dog food.

Improve the General Health of Senior Dogs

If you give your senior dog a well balanced natural diet, you will notice your dog’s coat become brighter and silkier, her eyes will become brighter, and she may also become more energetic. But for the meat eater dogs, it’s recommend that you give your dog biologically raw food or even bones. Ensure that they are not cooked, some of the meals are as follows vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, enzymes, fruits and eggs. Lastly, there are plenty of reasons and benefits to feeding your senior dog with a healthy homemade meal, but it may take her time to adjust. Research shows that homemade dog foods are healthier than any purchased varieties and with the above benefits; you have more reasons to give your senior dog a healthy homemade dog food which is not only cheap to make but also beneficial health wise.

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