Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Those who have dogs as pets would understand it best when we say that dogs are a part of our family. They are the most loved and faithful members of the family and deserve to be treated well. Most dog owners are prepared to go any lengths to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Dog food producing companies are capitalizing on this aspect and creating a market for themselves amongst dog lovers. Publicizing packaged dog food as the best food for dogs, these companies are launching some very expensive dog meals in the market, that dog-owners end up purchasing believing that such expenses are going to benefit their dog. Have you ever wondered if dog food can be prepared at home? Did you know that there are easy dog food recipes that your dogs would enjoy eating? The fact is that dogs can be fed homemade food and this can boost their health and keep them happy too.

The advantages of feeding homemade dog food to your pet are many. First of all, as it applies to human food, homemade dog food is healthy. A dog food that has been carefully prepared keeping the nutritional need of the dog in mind is a powerhouse of energy and nourishment for the dog. Since it is prepared at home, you can monitor the ingredients, their quantity and most importantly their quality. Knowing what you are making makes you more confident about feeding it to your dog. Unlike the processed and packaged food that are have artificially added nutrients, you can feed natural ingredients to your dog which means a healthier diet for your pet. The second big advantage of preparing dog food at home is that it saves up a lot of money. Packaged dog foods available in market are not inexpensive. There are a lot of supply chain and marketing costs you pay for, along with the cost of the food, when you purchase a packaged dog food.

But with homemade dog food there are no prices that you are paying for packaging, branding or promoting the product. There are no wholesalers or retailers who claim a margin from the price you pay for the dog food. Purchasing your own ingredients can help you plan on the kind of expenses you wish to incur. If some ingredient is too expensive, then other ingredients can be kept low cost to maintain the over cost of the food. Another advantage of preparing dog food at home is that you do not have to keep an eye on the stock of packaged dog food available at home and run to super-markets every now and then to fetch it. Your dog does not have to go hungry because the nearest departmental store ran out of stock of your dog food. Having recipes for preparing dog food at home can take away the stress of feeding your pet during such instances.

The fourth advantage of homemade dog food is that it can be used to add variety to your dog’s meals. Imagine if we have to eat the same thing for every meal. Like us, even our dogs can taste their food and like it best when they get to eat different kinds of food. Using different recipes to prepare your dog’s food at home gives you the flexibility to prepare different food items for your dear pet and pamper his taste buds. It also helps you rotate the health benefits from each of different food items and make sure that your dog’s nutritional needs are met. Also, in instances when your dog is not well and requires some specific diet, preparing it at home helps you take care of your dog and at the same time provide him with what he needs and keep away food elements that can harm him.

While there are so many benefits of cooking dog food at home, it is very essential to understand some basics of dog food cooking. First and foremost, it is very important to keep the nutrition needs of dog as the basic objective. Dogs need protein that can be obtained from animal meat, fish, eggs and other sea food. They also need fat that can be achieved from meat and oils. They need carbohydrates present ingrains and calcium from dairy products. There are other supplements too that dogs require for growth and immunity. Knowing the right proportions in which these foods need to be given to your dog is the key to your dog’s good health. This knowledge comes from the dog food recipes that give the exact measurements and guide on how the food items need to be cooked to preserve their value. Dog food recipes created by nutritionists and experienced dog breeders take care of minute details of a dog’s food needs. Hence it is very essential to get the right kind of recipes and follow them step by step. Sometimes, some ingredients are similar and we tend to swap them for each other.

Swapping ingredients can take away the essence of cooking at home by removing some nutrition and creating an imbalance in the diet. For example, swapping one oil for the other can lead to poor dog food. This also means that finding recipes that are easy to follow and that use ingredients that are easily available can make cooking dog food at home very easy. Being a dog owner is a beautiful experience. But it is not easy and the responsibility of taking care of the dog cannot be taken lightly, the most important being feeding him. It is very essential to feed your dog well to keep him fit and active. Homemade food is a great way to keep your dog well fed and to keep the pet’s maintenance costs low. It is essential to follow the right kind of recipes and equally essential to follow them right, to avoid over-feeding or under-feeding your dog, both of which are not good for him. Cooking for your dog is a great way to show your affection towards him. We love cooking for the members of our family, then why should our dogs be left behind.

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