10 Best Bread Substitutes

Are you unable to eat bread? These are some of the best bread substitutes for sandwiches.

Are you looking for a bread replacement? There are many ways to think outside of the box, whether you are trying to eat low carb food or want to be creative. Although we love bread, we also enjoy mixing and matching our sandwich choices with other options. You can also find ideas for side dishes to go with the soup. Each item below includes gluten-free options. This is what we use to make sandwiches and more!

Best bread substitute


What is a good substitute for bread? Wraps! Wraps are available in many grocery stores. Many wraps are made with flour, but there are many gluten-free options. Wraps can be made with chickpea flour or cassava flour, almond flour, chickpea and tapioca flours, sweet potato, and many other ingredients.

Lettuce wraps

A gluten-free alternative to common bread is the “Bread Substitute” Lettuce wraps! Lettuce wraps can be used to fill with tuna or eggs. These lettuce wraps are great for the burrito, such as these black beans lettuce wraps and spicy cashew salad wraps. For lettuce wraps, look for Bibb lettuce. The softer leaves are easier to roll than romaine, though that works.

Collard green wraps

Collard greens make a great sandwich substitute! Wrap the sandwich filling around the stiff stem of the collard green leaves. These hummus collard-green wraps are great!

Corn tortillas

You can also substitute bread with tortillas. Tortillas! Corn tortillas are a good choice if you want to go gluten-free. These tortillas have a strong corn flavour but will still work depending on what you put in them.

Sweet potato toast

You can substitute sweet potato for bread. This innovative idea is sweet potato toast. It works best when paired with an open-face sandwich. Slice sweet potato into thin layers and then put it in the toaster or roast it. You can use it as an open-face sandwich to add any fillings.

Gluten-free bread or almond flour bread

If you are looking for gluten-free bread, there are many options available. Homemade gluten-free loaves of bread are also possible! You can also find homemade gluten-free loaves of bread in the local supermarket.

Cloud bread

Cloud bread is a popular keto bread replacement. Cloud bread is made with egg whites and cream cheese and baked until it looks like bread. Make Cloudbread at your home.


Flatbread is another sandwich bread alternative. Flatbread comes in many varieties, including Indian-style Naan and flatbreads with other ingredients. There should be plenty of options at your local grocery shop, including gluten-free. You can also make your gluten-free Naan and socca from chickpea flour.


Although they are not a gluten-free bread substitute, popovers can be used as a side dish to the soup. Popovers are quick and easy to make and pop out of the pan in no time. How to Make Popovers.


Cornbread is a final bread replacement Cornbread! It’s not a sandwich-friendly side dish, but it is a great alternative to bread. Although traditional cornbread isn’t gluten-free, many recipes can be made to suit every diet. You can try this Classic Cornbread or Vegan Cornbread.

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