How to make French Fries Perfectly?

To get perfect french fries, fry them twice. To get crispy and golden brown fries, you must remove most of the potato’s moisture before final frying.

French Fries: The Best Potatoes

These are the top varieties of potatoes that you can use to make french fries.

  • Russet
  • Katahdin
  • Norkotah
  • Kennebec

Select a starchy potato with low moisture

High starch and low moisture are the best frying potatoes. Crispiest french fries will be made from starchy, low-moisture potato varieties. You can use a saline test to determine the moisture content of the potato after you have chosen a starchy variety such as the ones shown above.

Here’s how to check the moisture content in your potatoes

  1. Make a saline solution. Mix 1 cup salt with 8-10 cups water.
  2. Add potato: Place every potato in the saline solution.
  3. Watch the potato: Take a look at the potato in this solution. It has a high moisture level if it floats. If it sinks or remains suspended in its middle, it has a low moisture level.
  4. Organize: Sort the potatoes and set aside high-moisture potatoes for another dish.

Deep Frying French Fries: The Best Oil

Any neutral oil with a high smoke point is the best oil to deep fry french fries. Peanut oil and canola oil are some of the most popular options. You won’t notice any difference in the taste of your fries if you use a neutral oil. An oil with a high smoke point (the temperature at which oil begins to burn when heated) will keep your fryer stable.

What age should my oil be for Frying French Fries?

The oil that has been used only a few times should be considered good quality. The molecules in the new oil have not been broken down, so they may not bond well to your french fries. Your fries will not be as crisp. The oil that has reached the end of its useful life may still have residual flavors or smoke from too much heat.

How to Deep Fry French Fries?

To get crispy, perfect french fries, deep-fry your potatoes twice. We’ll show you how to prepare potatoes for deep frying and how to cook french fries.

  1. Wash your potatoes before you start the cooking process.
  2. Optional: You can peel the potatoes depending on your preference.
  3. Slice the potatoes to the size you prefer: You can either cut them by hand or use a French fry cutter to ensure uniformity and efficiency.
  4. Soak potatoes in water: Make sure you soak them for at least 3 to 24 hours in a vinegar mixture and water. The starch will be removed, and the potatoes will retain their crispness. Mix 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1-gallon water to make the mixture. The vinegar will prevent the potatoes from discoloring and oxidizing.
  5. Dry potatoes: To prevent any spattering, it is essential to dry potatoes before you fry them. To remove excess moisture, dry the potatoes with a towel. The potatoes will dry faster if kept covered in a cooler for a few hours.
  6. Blanch the potatoes. Start by blanching the potatoes. After that, heat the oil in a large saucepan and cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Depending on how small your fries are, the time taken will vary. For smaller cuts, such as 3/8 inches, it will take around 2 minutes. Smaller cuts, such as 1/4 inch or 1/2 inches, will take 2-3 and 4-6 minutes. When the potatoes can be bent without breaking, they are done blanching.
  7. Let the fries cool: To save time, blanch multiple batches of potatoes and then let them cool in your refrigerator or walk-in freezer. Once it is almost time to serve them take them out of the cooler and fry them again.
  8. Cook them again: Heat them at 375° for 2 to 3 minutes once the fries have cooled. The potatoes have been partially cooked, allowing them to become crispy. To tell if they are done, look for a golden brown exterior.
  9. Season your fries with Hot oil. Hot oil will make your seasonings stick better to the fries. To flavor, your fries, add salt, spices, fresh herbs or oils.
  10. Serve: French fries should be kept for no longer than 5-10 minutes. The fries will lose their crispiness and turn cold after this time.


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